Book Cover: Yield
Part of the Edge series:

The Edge Series Book 3

The Edge Series contains BDSM elements and is intended for readers over the age of 18.

As the daughter of rock royalty, Kate Jennings is far from a princess. After her mother died of a drug overdose, Kate went to live in her father’s mansion. However, her life was nothing like her childish dreams. Unwanted and neglected, she struggles to adapt to her new life. Then one New Year’s Eve, betrayal shatters her.

Tired of ghosting through her life, she’s finally ready to embrace who she is. And that means letting go of her past.

Doyle Kole is a big, bad dominant who hasn’t kept a submissive for more than a night in eight years. The last person he expects to find in a popular BDSM club is Kate.

When the sexy drummer in her father’s band decides he’s the one to dominate the damaged submissive, Kate discovers exactly what it means to yield. Letting go and trusting is harder than she ever anticipated.

Contains one bad ass Dom who likes having a control. A lot.