Jenna Howard Sarah Mine book cover

Let down by everyone in her life, a desperate and broken young lady overdosed while her newborn son slept. Five years later, Sarah James is trying to forgive herself and reclaim the pieces of herself that she lost. Sober from pills and alcohol, Sarah has one last destructive addiction to purge from her heart. Hill Deveraux.

Everyone knew whose bed he climbed out of. He’s the one man she was never able to walk away from, earning her a reputation in town.

Disinherited and disenchanted, photojournalist Hill Deveraux has returned to his hometown and Sarah James. A quick tumble in her bed and things usually look better for him. However, the Sarah he’s come back to has changed from the girl he walked away from.

There are secrets in her sad eyes and she’s doing everything in her power to push him away.

Hill is going to have to man up and figure out what she means to him, because every time she tells him to go he’s unable to stay away.

When he learns Sarah’s secrets nothing will ever be the same.