Book Cover: Claimed
Part of the Edge series:

The Edge Series Book 1

The Edge Series contains BDSM elements and is intended for readers over the age of 18.

One bad decision was all it took to change everything.

When Claire married an up and coming rockstar, she thought love could survive anything. Two young daughters, a bad choice and one divorce later, she knows differently When her marriage ended, she didn’t just lose her husband. He had been her first love, first lover and her first dom. She’s spent the past two years denying a vital piece of her but loneliness and a need to connect with someone else drives her to the one place she’s denied herself – Edge.

The definition of decadence and deviance, the BDSM club is Oz Peters pride and joy. He built it to become a safe haven but when there’s a disturbance, the last person he expects to find in the middle of it is Claire Kolemann, his best friend’s ex-wife. She’s absolutely the last person he wants to become involved with. There’s a code between buddies after all.

She reminds him of his past and he reminds her of the fact that she’s only ever been with one man. Together they need to let go of their fears and insecurities because two lonely hearts are desperate to be claimed.