Sexy, contemporary romance author, Jenna Howard has the dream job her mom is in denial about: she’s the writer of naughty stuff.

Her writing dreams truly began one summer on the air mattress of her childhood home in Calgary, Alberta. There she tackled her first romance: a truly wretched attempt at a medieval historical. Upon finishing the purple prose laden story of (in her own words) crap, she decided that perhaps the historical genre wasn’t for her. She promptly began to write in a contemporary setting.

If only the rest of the journey had been so easy. She tackled category romances that (in her own words) felt like they were crap. She didn’t have the patience for romantic suspense. Really, she just wanted to get to writing the sex. (hint hint, Jenna) Her romantic comedies were so traumatic that she stopped writing until one day a friend phoned and said “We can totally write this.” The genre was erotic romance and it was (in her own words) like coming home.