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Shaken And Stirred

On Saturday, my RWA chapter hosted the super duper Damon Suede.

He broke my brain. In a good way.

The first 1/3 of the day was focused on creating characters. Using verbs. VERBS. I’ve been struggling the past couple of months (hence my lack of activity EVERYWHERE) with building my paranormal world (which finally came together a couple of weeks ago – Thank. Gawd) and because of that my writing has been on the back burner. Considering what I want to do in this series, his character talk was perfect timing. Note to self: read his Verbalize book.

I craft my characters differently with each book. His methods streamlined all my spastic creations in such a way I’m surprised my table partner didn’t hear my brain binging constant.

Then he tackled dialogue. I’m not saying I have the best dialogue but again – he was all about teaching me how to streamline and the purpose of dialogue. What I walked away with is that dialogue is about creating an emotional response in my readers. It’s not about “hey how are ya?” Did I know this before? Yes. Did I know dialogue was intentional with the characters and for the story? Yes. Did I need to hear it again to eliminate talking heads? Yes.

Finally, when my brain was exhausted and my allergies began to kick in, he hit us with writing blurbs, taglines and pitches. Let’s just say I didn’t do so well in the exercise portions of this talk because I was all “uhm…uh…hm…” Do I know my story? Somewhat. A lot of it is new so I’m still working my way. It’s awfully hard to write a blurb when you don’t know the innards of a story you just figured out.

Dinner definitely required booze.

I could spend a lot of time here summing up his talks, but all that knowledge is still brewing in my head. Needless to say – for any authors out there, no matter what genre you write, if you get a chance to see Damon Suede talk, do it. You’ll walk away with a broken brain but you’ll be smarter for it.