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A Tempting Pre-Order

Tempt, Book 2 in the Edge series, is now available for pre-order!!

I’m so excited but mostly because I never saw this book coming. I was happily writing Claimed when all of a sudden one teeny-tiny scene made my writer brain go “huh”.

The scene? It’s this one:

Pushing open the front door of his dorm, he was somewhat surprised to see the man sitting on the bench. His booted feet were crossed at the ankles while some cute girl flirted shamelessly with him. She didn’t see the salt and pepper hair of a man at least twenty years older. He chatted with her, his aviator sunglasses reflecting her face back at her, his attention focused entirely on her. Her cheeks were flushed and not because it was winter. She absently fiddled with her hair in the way that said she was attracted and not entirely sure what to do.

Jamie reached into the pocket of his wool coat and held out a small book with a pen. Oz watched her eyes go wide. She found a page and wrote her number down. The older man took the book back and made a note. “Thank you, love. I’ll call you over the winter break.”

“Really?” Her eyes went wide.

He leaned forward and drew his sunglasses down, revealing his eyes for the first time to her. Oz swore he saw her panties get wet and she gave a shy smile. She gave Oz a double take as if realizing they weren’t alone, and with a nervous wave to Jamie, she continued on her way.

“Seriously?” Oz stared at the dom who slid his glasses into place.

“Walk with me.”

“Are you going to phone her?” Oz took the small book Jamie held out. He found the page where she wrote her name and number. Beneath it in neat print was shy, potential pain slut – 12/22/89. He had underlined the date and her name twice. “How can you tell?”

“She has scars on her forearm. I saw them when she was fiddling with her hair. I heard what happened with your girl.”

“She’s not my girl anymore.”

That one line: shy, potential pain slut – 12/22/89 sealed the deal for me. Next thing I know…bam…a novella.

So here I am introducing Tempt to you.

When university student, Penny Yeun trips over a pair of legs, she never expects to find a sexy older man. She also didn’t expect to discover Jamie Hennessey’s a dominant. Before she knows it, she’s falling for the much, much older man. Penny’s happiness is about to come face to face with a domineering mother, a man who isn’t looking for a relationship and more obstacles than just a pair of legs to trip over. Jamie’s tempted her with unleashing her greatest fantasies but can she tempt him into wanting more?

And it’s a whopping 99¢!!! What a deal.