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The Edge Series Chaos

Question Jenna: What the hell is up The Edge series? After all Yield was written first and the cover says Book 3, now there’s Claimed that’s Book 1 and Book 2 isn’t even written? How much vodka are you sipping at your computer?

Answer: Not as much vodka as one would think.

Yield was always meant to be part of a series but then I struggled with the story for Claire and Oz so I scraped the idea. You can get the whole scoop here on that drama.

A funny thing happened on to The End

As I was heading towards the finish line of Claimed (freakin’ finally amiright?) one character jumped out at me. Jamie. He’s mentioned briefly in Yield as Doyle’s mentor who (damn it) passed away. But then he has some scenes in Claimed including one where Oz finds him talking to some young co-ed. I kinda brushed it off until a few days later when I was even closer to the finish line (I see the tunnel’s end!) when my mind was all “Hey…what about Jamie and the coed?”

God. Damn. It.

What if…two words a writer loves – and fears

But…he’s dead. It’s not even a spoiler. What the blazing fuck am I supposed to do?

I did the only thing I could do…

I began to write their story.

But…the order…

I’m a mess. It’s that simple. Nothing’s easy in writing. Things happened. But…it’s a series now. A viable series. Just…out of order.

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