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In A Word – Create

At my monthly writing meeting, my friend Shelley Kassian said that her word for the year was serenity. Considering how crazy busy life has been for her, I understood the word, though in my mind serenity looked a lot different – like a spaceship with a sexy hot captain but I digress.

A few other friends have been giving their year a word they hope for and I began to ponder mine. At first I thought it was, rather selfishly, money because I have none and job hunting is stressing me out. Maybe it was health because I’ve been working hard on improving mine the past few months. (So. Many. Squats.) Then it came to me.

Bring something into existence

One definition of create is to bring something into existence. And yes I’m doing that as I finish up a novel with two novella’s to follow. I’m determined to make 2019 the year I write shit. Seriously friends, I am writing. And it feels awesome. My deadline for the current book was actually the 21st but it’s run a little over so I’m working hard to type the end. Because, wait for, I have a deadline. Not just when it’s to be finished (or supposed to be.) But when it goes to beta readers, when it goes to my editor, when it’s released. There’s an actual, physical plan. Get this…while it’s off being edited, I’m going to be writing a novella.

Holy shitballs, you exclaim

I know, right?

But it gets better…from this book, a different novella has popped up. It’s in the same world, same series so I’ve kind of been double dipping into Edge because that novella is being written to. Now!!

Holy shitballs, you exclaim.

I know, right?!

That’s right, this bitch be writing! CREATING!!! Feel free to swoon here.

But what if there’s more?

What if books aren’t all that’s coming into existence? In October I had some blood work done and my doctor scared the ever living fuck out of me with my results. Flags were flying everywhere.

That’s it, I declared. No more pop, no more chips, no more cookies, no more chocolate bars. So I cut out pop, dusted off my Sodastream (then promptly broke it after two uses). At lunch with the above mentioned Shelley, I had a salad. A motherfucking salad. I haven’t bought cookies in month. Okay, there’s been some chips but just the small, way overpriced bags. No more party sized bags of white cheddar popcorn. I’d love to say no more chocolate bars but let’s not go crazy. One of my favourite things about Christmas is all the candy cane flavoured goodies: candy cane ice cream, candy cane hot chocolate, candy cane cookies. Guys…I bought NONE!

Holy shitballs, you exclaim.


I started doing squats every day, then I added crunches, now I’m doing the stairs in my building. And the weirdest thing happened…my jeans shrank. I haven’t been to the chiropractor because of my hips & knees since December.


What if I’m bringing a healthier me into existence? Because guess what…all those things that scared me in October weren’t in my blood work this month.

Holy shitballs indeed.

This year I want to create, so to speak, a better version of me. One who writes, one who thrives, one who lives.

Jesus, guys, wait. What if I wind up going on dates?

Holy. Shitballs.

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