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Coming Soon: Claimed Facts

On Facebook, Gwen Knight tagged me to list five facts about my current WIP. I’ve been very hush-hush about it because I’m afraid of jinxing myself (even 80% finished). That being said, sometimes you just need to talk about what’s coming soon.

Okay. Let’s see what I can come up with.

1. Yield was originally meant to be in a series but then I was all “Hell if I know what to do next” so I tanked the idea. Only at a romance author event I was talking to Sasha White – Author about Yield and it made me realize how much I loved it.

2. So then the series idea returned and Claimed began to whisper to me: it’s a prequel to Yield and takes place in 2009 with flashbacks to the 90s which makes research interesting because what do I know about Vancouver in the 90s? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

3. The heroine is Claire Kolemann, Doyle Kole’s ex-wife (he’s the hero of Yield) and the hero is Oz Peters who owns the kinky club Doyle goes to (also in Yield) and just happens to be Doyle’s best friend. Oooh…drama.

4. It was meant to be a novella. It’s not.

5. I’m 40,000 words in and they still haven’t had sex. Whaaaat? Are we sure this is a Jenna Howard book? Because don’t I usually have sex in the first chapter? Yep. Sometimes even the first page. But this one is all about patience. Frickin’ patience.

6. (Bonus because why not) I know there are a kabillion books titled Claimed and I stressed about it with Elizabeth Kelly (Holy name dropping in this Jenna) and after much talking me off the ledge I decided…fuck it…I’m keeping the title because it’s what the book is all about.

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