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New Look – Domme for Cowboy

Hey Jenna, you may ask, why did you give Domme for Cowboy a new cover?

Aside from the fact that the new one is pretty? And that it was probably time. Plus I wanted to get it into print and the old cover was vexing me.

Well…the long story is that Jessa & Luke wound up in Amazon’s naughty jail. After much research (thanks Elizabeth Kelly for the help!) it was determined that probably his gaping jeans showing his happy trail had something to do with it. So a mission was crafted – restore Domme for Cowboy to being searchable on Amazon.

Will it work? Fingers are crossed. Toes would cross if I could. Legs are…kinda crossed. I also beefed up it’s blurb because the last one was pretty lazy, even for me. Other than that nothing has changed in the story so if you’ve already downloaded it, you’re credit card is safe.

The next step is getting this naughty couple into print. It should be soon.

Then I can stop being distracted and return to writing because yes, my peeps, I am writing…kind of. I’ve slacked off but hey…how would you know it was me?

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