It’s a new day – redux

It took about two weeks for me to realize, I was not loving this website.

I wasn’t vibing on the colours even though I love pink and grey together. I wasn’t smitten with the images. I loved the look of the old site. I wasn’t even really liking the logo Throw in some template issues and I was kind of over it…so I redid everything. Again.

Ahhhh. Bliss.

I love the return of the red and my header images. I couldn’t quite figure out how to do different headers for different pages so I gave WordPress free reign to cycle through them.

I love that my bookmarks and swag are now tied back to how the site looks. (Lemme tell you that was a heartbreaking moment to realize my branding was no longer unified.) Yes there’s a wee issue with the location of the social media bar (and how slick is it to have Amazon and Goodreads logo? Squee!) but that’s what support forums are for – to ask.

My world is good again. Now to just start doing some writing to make my world perfect.

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