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Why erotica?

I was asked…

Why erotica? 

I already write erotic romance, so why would I zig from the zag? The answer is simple. Really, really simple.

I like writing sex. Truthfully, I love writing it. And in erotic romance there needs to be a balance between the erotic and the romance. But sometimes I just want to do wickedly kinky things to my characters that don’t fit in those parameters.

Take Her Surrender. The story opens with Amy having sex with someone and she doesn’t know who. She has a naughty moment in the kitchen with another character who…spoiler alert…isn’t the hero.

Because…spoiler alert…there’s no hero. Well…he’s certainly not heroic.

There’s public sex, sex with other people, sex with rope, sex with a major mind-fuck. Shit I just can’t get away with in a romance – of any heat level. The second in the Surrender series goes even deeper down the erotica rabbit hole.

And what do you do with a book that doesn’t fit within the normal parameters? I could…not write it. I could’ve written it just for me. I didn’t need to slap a cover on it and throw it up for sale…but where’s the fun in any of that?

And erotica is fun. So much fun. I don’t have to ask myself: “Whoa…was that too far?” I don’t have to tone down a sex scene. It’s fun and liberating.

So now I ask: why not erotica?

Have a question for me? Have at ‘er.


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PS: I kind of cheated with this months IWSG post asking about what I love about my genre by reposting this one from November, but so be it.

2 thoughts on “Why erotica?”

  1. Glad that you've found your niche. If you're comfortable with it, and I believe you are, why shouldn't you write in the erotic niche. After all, loving is a part of life and something that we all want.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  2. Honestly, we need books that explore sexuality in healthy and fun ways, and it sounds like your books are definitely meeting that need. That's awesome! My books are definitely romance, sometimes sweet, sometimes sensual, but not too over the top. I'm glad you've found your writing passion!

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