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I’m working on getting Domme for Cowboy into print. Ran into a few technical issues but yeah…working on it.

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Jenna Howard Her Surrender book cover

Amy Ridgefield’s life is spiraling out of control and has been for the past couple of years, ever since she lost her stepbrother. She hasn’t quite hit her rock bottom but she seems to be getting closer.

They call themselves the Dog Pound. Trust fund babies who spend more time in depravity than anyone she knows and she inherited them upon her brother’s death. They call it Roulette. Pick a number and you indulge in a decadent night of sex. Amy’s pick is more than decadent. She doesn’t know who he is thanks to a blindfold but he awakens things within her with his domination. Things she’s tried to deny herself for years now.

Including Wellsley Darling and his domination.

How far will she go before she surrenders everything?