Shaken And Stirred

On Saturday, my RWA chapter hosted the super duper Damon Suede. He broke my brain. In a good way. The first 1/3 of the day was focused on creating characters. Using verbs. VERBS. I’ve been struggling the past couple of months (hence my lack of activity EVERYWHERE) with building my paranormal world (which finally came […]

Tempted Yet?

I’ve been so distracted of late so that I was somewhat surprised when Tempt’s (book 2 in the Edge series) release day suddenly appeared. Like magic. Even though I kept getting emails from Amazon about uploading the final file. So that’s what’s happening today – Tempt is out and I’m wading through peanut butter to […]

A Tempting Pre-Order

Tempt, Book 2 in the Edge series, is now available for pre-order!! I’m so excited but mostly because I never saw this book coming. I was happily writing Claimed when all of a sudden one teeny-tiny scene made my writer brain go “huh”. The scene? It’s this one: Pushing open the front door of his […]

Claimed is FINALLY here!

Oh happy day! Claimed is finally released today. I’m so happy Claire & Oz’s story is ready for the world. It’s book 1 in my new sexy contemporary BDSM series, Edge. The novella that turned into a novel that turned into book 1 in the series. Tricky, tricky. Familiar faces from Yield make an appearance […]

International Grammar Day

Today is International Grammar Day. I didn’t even know it existed until today. I’ve learned something on IGD in regards to apostrophes. As I edit Claimed I noticed I had two apostrophes: s’ and s’s. I Googled and emailed my awesome editor to ask which is correct. Turns out both are! And it’s all based […]